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What Our Customers Say

Hello Charli,
I just received my cards yesterday. I am a Topaz and compared the clothes I have to my gemtone card. I have done pretty well in that I have some of the colors and tones on my card. I am going to expand my color palette and try to find some of the more vibrant shades of the corals and reds. I also understand better why last years "pink, pink, pink everything" drove me crazy trying to find colors I really liked.
I also love the way I can use these for my home decor. I want to re-do my bedroom, and living room and these cards will help so much in coordinating colors. When I get in the store I can never visualize if the colors and tones will "go together" and now I have a tool to help me.  One thing I noticed is that I love to surround myself and decorate my home with either the Topaz or Opal colors.
Thanks for such a good product at a reasonable price.
A.S., Florida

Hi Charli,
I got my color analysis it was great.  I keep my color's in my wallet and I use it with my current wardrobe too! You seem so helpful and pleasant!  I have referred you to one of my colleagues already!
Sharon,  Rosewood, CA

Your pack arrived today (Thursday) and is spot on.
I was analysed by Chroma in 1985 and made an autumn. As I loathe brown this did not help much. I tended to always go for the brighter lighter colours. Well, I can see why now! I really like the cards as they are discrete and I love the idea of toning with them rather than having to match exactly.
Thanks very much
Susan Carter (UK)

Thank you for your mentorship Ms. Charlie! We just made our first $150.00 - this is big. One step at a time. Our information is below to be included on your web site as a resource in the Cincinnati / No. Ky area.
Many thanks - will keep you posted...
Ms. Charlie:
I received my color analysis/color cards yesterday and loved them! When can I start training as a color consultant?
Kim H.

I am so excited about the professional kit. I think it is going to be a great booking tool. I also have been amazed at how much better I look to people when I wear the right colors. I have been getting compliments right and left. I am so glad I found your site!  Lisa K. L.

Hi Charli,
I can't say enough about finding out what the IMAGES COLOR SYSTEM TEACHES. I think teaches is the key word here. The 2 women who developed the Images system knew that women had been preached to and intimidated with the rights and wrongs of color, also the beautiful verses ugly concept. Dee and Nancy knew that if you teach women to see and understand the differences about the basic color rules that women were smart enough to make their own decisions. I always begin my seminars with the question," where do you want people looking today"? You always have a top image (makeup) a color image (cool, cold, hot or warm) and a self image (how you feel about yourself). Put these all together and a real GEM will appear all polished and ready to shine for all of the world to see. Thanks so much.  Mary L.

Dear Dee,
I was so happy to hear you speak at our Mary Kay meeting. I always learn something new. I really enjoy offering color-consulting to my customers, they love it! You are right, it is easy to do and fast. Your newsletter is encouraging and the information is fun and useful. Thank you again for sharing the Images color concept, my business is growing now. Sincerely, Amy L. Woodhull, Iowa.

Dear Dee,
I have been using the color system by Images in my business and it is helping build my customer list by leaps and bounds. I told another friend in the Image business and she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her kit. If your ever in Connecticut call me. I sure want to meet you. Sincerely, Andi T., West Hartford Ct.


Dear Dee,
Enclosed is my check for the professional kit. My sister introduced me to your color system when she was here for a visit from Chicago. I think it is a wonderful idea. Please send ASAP, I wish to offer it to my customers right away. Sincerely, Patricia M., Clearwater, Fl.