ColorNews May 2012

ColorNews March 2012Volume 12 Issue 3
A Note from Charli


YAAAY! Summer is finally on the horizon. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It is funny how nature works her magic. I consider myself a 'sunshine girl', and guess what! My personal, unique undertones fall right into the Sapphire color category. Sapphire is our ColorTools Gemtone term for muted, blue based colors that some color analysis systems also refer to as Summer. Do you know your Gemtone? Speaking of Gemtones, be sure you catch up on our website blog, one of the latest articles is about Birthstones. Very interesting.

This is also the time of year for lots of special occasion get togethers. Weddings, Proms and Galas are already on our calendars. Our feature article addresses special occasion dressing and I can't let this issue go without addressing one of my pet peeves. The infamous LBD (see below).

Summer fashions are geared toward fun with lots of lace, stripes and even paisley showing up. Do all of these mix of colors work for you?

A little tip to find out: When you are holding one of these beauties in front of you, simply squint your eyes a little bit. The dominant color and visual line will become more apparent so you can tell if will be flattering or foe.

As I have mentioned before, green is a prominent color for the spring and summer. Choose a color that complements your undertones and you will be in perfect harmony with all things spring. Fresh, new and full of energy. Enjoy the new season.


Colorfully yours,



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  • Charli's Note
  • Feature Article:
    Special Occasion Dress Overview
  • Nail Polish Anyone?
  • Pet Peeve -LBD
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Feature Article:

Special Occasion Dress Overview

What should be in your special occasion wardrobe?
Before I answer that, let's define exactly what special occasion clothes are. Special occasion attire, unlike casual and business wear, is typically very formal and are made of fine fabrics like silk, velvet, and lace. They're worn on the , like:

· Garden Parties
· Cocktail parties
· Formal dinners
· Formal dances
· Engagement parties
· Weddings
· Baptisms
· First Communions
· Bar Mitzvahs
· Other Religious Ceremonies
· Galas
· Graduations
· Award ceremonies
· Movie premieres

Special occasion day wear, which includes knee or calf-length suits, dresses, skirts, or pants, usually features festive colors, patterns, and trims in a modest style, and may be worn with a hat and matching accessories. Day wear is typically worn to functions that begin late morning or early afternoon, or before 6 pm.


Special occasion evening wear includes cocktail dresses, full length gowns, or separates in flowing, shiny, or beaded fabrics in either modest or shoulder-baring styles. Evening wear is typically worn to functions that begin late afternoon or early evening, or after 6 pm.

A good special occasion wear selection for an average lifestyle includes:

1 all-season day
1 summer evening
1 winter evening

1 fun day
2 flirty night
1 all-season day
1 summer evening
1 winter evening

1 evening

1 daytime
1 evening
1 pastel for summer
1 velvet for winter
1 evening jacket
1 light wrap

1 evening clutch

1 pair dress sandals
1 pair closed toe evening heels
1 pair strappy metallic sandals
Now as you look over this list, you may think it's a bit excessive for your needs. That's fine. Again, this is for an average lifestyle. If you live a quiet life, an all-season skirt and evening bag may be all you need. If you're a socialite or are in the public eye a lot, this may not see you through a fortnight of events. Again, adjust accordingly.

So how can you cheat if you need a few pieces to do a lot of things? In a word: SEPARATES.

Mixing pieces will make you look like you have a lot more than you really do. You can even pull pieces from your casual or business wardrobes to use for social events, so long as you add an appropriate top and accessories.

Have 3 or 4 coming up for which you need to dress (graduation, wedding, cocktail party, bridal shower)? If you'll be with different people each time, you could wear the same outfit to each. If you'll be with the same people, wear the same base outfit (suit, blouse and skirt) but change the accessories or your hairstyle.

If you'll be traveling out of town to an event (graduation, wedding, movie premier), be sure to check with your host as to what's appropriate. Generally, the bigger the town, the more formal the attire; the smaller the town, the less formal. This is important. If you've ever gone somewhere and felt like a "city slicker" or "country comes to town," you know what I'm talking about. If you want people to talk to you, dress like the locals; otherwise, you may travel a long distance and get a chilly reception for your trouble.

So what's the bottom line with putting together an appropriate With a few well-chosen pieces, a few jokes in your back pocket, and a kind word for everyone, you could soon find your social life sizzling with non-stop invitations. Match your clothing with the occasion, and like a fine vintage paired with a tasty entrée, you could soon become a special occasion favorite.




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Nail Polish Anyone?

Nail Polish for Spring/ Summer 2012

People are always trying to keep up with the latest trends. When it comes to fashion and make-up, what is "in" is always changing. Most styles are constantly changing and evolving to make for the newest trends. Over the winter, it was popular to use bold and bright colors for both make-up and nail polish. People were wearing bold nail polish colors like neon pink, green and blue.

In the spring and summer this year, however, we are straying away from an excess of neon and oddball colors and are opting for a more nude and natural look with our nail polish. People are moving away from bright blue, green and pink and choosing shades like cream and beige that give the nails a more natural look. This does not mean that people are not able to still enjoy bold patterns or bright moments. After all, summer is approaching and we need to indulge in the season.
Colors like classic reads, chic corals, soft pastels and mellow yellows are very popular this season as well. You can complement these colors with cool and metallic designs.

Be sure to put your best hand forward with the beautiful nail color of your choice this season!


Pet Peeve ....the LBD

We all know what it is. The classic mainstay of everyones closet. The LITTLE BLACK DRESS (LBD). I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to having the little standby. I also loathe it. Let me tell you why.

little black dressBlack is not a flattering color for me. Remember I told you I am a summery Sapphire. I used to tell my daughter (who is a springy, fair skinned, light haired Opal) that she looked like a walking ghost when she put on the requisite black and white uniform of her salon employer. Well, I look the same way as many of us do when we surround our faces with such a stark and dark color, ghoulish.

Fortunately there is usually another option for most of us. Find the dress (or separates) in a deep, rich, color that works with our undertones. Navy is a wonderful alternative for cool and warm undertones. This color is widely available with a deeper hue and also shows up with a slightly yellow overtone for those that need a warmer color.

Other options for the warm smiling faces are deep chocolate, deeplittle black dress alternatives forest green, even sexy red is often permitted at such formal events.

I know there are going to be traditional black and white affairs where we would be scoffed at donning a forbidden COLOR. If you are truly required to show up in the gorgeous LBD, show off your beautiful smile with a pop of colored jewelry. Sparkling silver and gold are a beautiful way to play on your unique undertones. Yes, even pearls come in stark white and softer white that would certainly soften the ghoul.

And who would dare tell you that you were out of place for wearing Gemstones? Frame up with garnets, amethyst, emerald, jade or even Sapphires!!

Keep smiling! Charli

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