Design Inspiration from Fall’s Feast of Colors

Posted by Charli Mace on 8/27/2012 to Color and Your Wardrobe
Fall's arrival involves a welcome feast of vibrant colors. Golds, browns, oranges, reds, and purples brighten the landscape. The brilliant colors of autumn find their way into fall fashion and fall clothing. Skinny jeans in colors such as caramel and red enter the scene at Old Navy. Brightly colored fashion scarves help to make the transition from summer outfits to autumn must haves. Women’s fashion for fall involves blouses in colors such as mustard and dark magenta. Magenta and dark violet are also seen on fall lips.

Business Card Colors

Posted by Charli Mace on 8/23/2012 to Color and Your Environment

Are you conveying the right image with your business card colors? When seeking new customers, perception of the business is everything. Business cards are fundamental in shaping the image of a business. Colors have long been known to draw out different emotions and attitudes, so utilizing them strategically can have a powerful effect.

Color's Delicious Association To Food

Posted by Charli Mace on 8/21/2012 to Color and Your Health

When you hear the color orange, what food do you visualize? When someone mentions an apple or strawberries, what color springs immediately to mind? What about when someone mentions a salad?

Color Blindness

Posted by Charli Mace on 8/6/2012 to Color and Your Health

Color blindness is a fairly common eye issue that people can usually define in general terms, but typically have only a vague understanding of how it occurs and the effect is has on a person's life. Color blindness occurs when the cone cells in the retina. These cells can be missing a few to many different pigments and the number missing will determine the severity of the color blindness. This disorder is a recessive X-chromosome disorder. This is why it is much more common in men than women. Some recent studies have shown that up to one in ten men have some degree of color blindness.