Colors Affect Plant Growth

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Colors have more of an effect on things than we tend to realize. Color has the ability to change our mood, affect the way we taste food and can even affect the way that plants grow.

Choosing the Color of Your Floral Bouquet

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People love to get flowers. They are the perfect gift that can suit almost any occasion and can be personalized to give it that extra special touch. If you are thinking about getting someone a bouquet for a special occasion, here is a color guide.

Is White the Perfect Color?

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All colors symbolize different things.  Red is a symbol for passion while blue is a symbol for tranquility.  White is a color that has a lot of symbolism.  White is said to be the perfect color.  Since it is made up of all colors, it is perfect in both balance and harmony. 

Why Is the Color Black Associated with Death?

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Colors have a great impact on our lives.  Colors can represent different things.  Some colors are natural stimulants, while other colors tend to have a calming effect.  Some colors are traditional in certain situations. Blue is a cool, calming color that represents strength wisdom and trust, while red is strong, noticeable color that represents passion and energy.