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What Do Colored Ribbons Represent?

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/29/2011
Awareness ribbons are seen as magnets on cars, lapel pins or tied on trees in front of homes. Ribbons come in different colors and patterns each with a different meaning. Additionally, some colors have multiple meanings. There are approximately 25 different colored ribbons each with a different meaning. Here are just a few of the most popular.

What is the Significance of Black Friday

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/22/2011 to Blogs

Black Friday is more than just a day for people to get up early in the morning and go shopping.  This day marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season for most people. Some choose to complete their shopping before the Thanksgiving holiday, and some enjoy getting mixed in with the crowds to get the best deal possible on Black Friday.  Most stores

Colors Can Affect Your Appetite

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/18/2011 to Blogs

Have you ever noticed how restaurants use warm colors such as red, orange or yellow for their décor? Restaurant designers didnít choose these colors randomly. Color psychologists agree that warm colors stimulate appetite.


Choosing the Right Color for YOU

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/10/2011 to Blogs
Choosing the right color can be challenging for some women. There are many factors to consider, so it may be helpful for women to meet with a professional color specialist to have their personal colors defined.

How Color Enhances Your Life

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/1/2011 to Blogs
Color plays a huge role in life. Different colors can specifically influence just about every aspect of life. Surrounding yourself with certain colors can influence the way you feel or even your mood.
Choosing from all of the paint colors on the market today can be challenging. One solution is to choose paint colors for your home that will influence the way you feel when you are there. To create a calm bedroom retreat,


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