Eat a Rainbow of Colors

Posted by Charli Mace on 4/12/2017 to Color and Your Health
Most people try to eat healthy food and take vitamins to insure that they are taking care of their bodies. Did you know that eating a rainbow of colors every day is one of the best ways to help our bodies?
Fruits are vegetables come in different colors; red, orange, yellow, green , blue and purple.

Holiday Decorating

Posted by Charli Mace on 12/2/2016 to Color in the Spotlight
Using a variety of colors for decorating during the holidays is popular. Each individual has their own preferences for decorating their home to create a festive feeling. The traditional colors for Christmas are a bright red and green. Anyone shopping for holiday decor will find every item imaginable in these hues. However, there are individuals that prefer using other colors for ornaments, lights, garlands, linens, figurines and other decorations. There are decorative holiday items in metallic and jewel tones. Many individuals combine metallic, and jewel toned decor for a unique fashion statement.

How Color Can Change Your State of Mind

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/18/2016 to Color and YOU

Colors in a person's environment can have a dramatic effect on his or her mood state. While people often associate mood-related color theory with New Age belief systems such as chakras, many psychologists have reported that mere exposure to color can alter not only mood, but also performances on specific tasks such as exams. One study showed that exposing subjects to the color red negatively affected performance on exams.

Using the Colors of Nature for Creative Interiors

Posted by Charli Mace on 11/6/2016 to Color and Your Environment
You may have stopped to smell the roses from time to time, but have you stopped to look at them? Nature provides an abundance of color palettes to inspire designers and decorators when creating an interior space. However, this inspiration doesn’t need to be exclusive to the experts. By observing nature and the world around us, you can hone your design skills and create a perfectly coordinated interior.

How Color Enhances Your Life

Posted by Charli Mace on 7/14/2016 to Color and YOU
Color plays a huge role in life. Different colors can specifically influence just about every aspect of life. Surrounding yourself with certain colors can influence the way you feel or even your mood.
Choosing from all of the paint colors on the market today can be challenging. One solution is to choose paint colors for your home that will influence the way you feel when you are there. To create a calm bedroom retreat,

Why Color Combinations are so Important

Posted by Charli Mace on 6/15/2016 to Color and YOU

Color is crucial to visual communication. It's a basic property of light. It captures your eye. Color impressions are both quick and long lasting.  The human brain requires a sense of order or it will reject whatever it sees. It's important to remember that color is the first thing registered by a person.

Colors and Personality

Posted by Charli Mace on 5/13/2014 to Color and YOU
Color is one of our most essential forms of sensory information. Every single item you see at any given moment has a color to it. Color can convey multiple facts about something including how much light it gives off and whether it is probably cool or warmth to the touch.

Eye Color and Makeup: What's the Best Choice?

Posted by Charli Mace on 4/30/2014 to Color and Your Make-up
Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you. This is why you need to choose the right eye shadow for your eye color. It's easy to fall back into old habits and just use the shade you're used to. However with the number of eye shadow options available, there is a shade for nearly any occasion or activity to make your eyes beautiful.