Personal Color Analysis

All you need is the desire to look great! 

Color is the first thing people notice, so make sure you use it well. First impressions are important to us all, and they are perceived within 17 seconds.  You determine what that impression says even before you open your mouth to speak.
Quickly look younger and healthier by surrounding yourself in your best colors (the ones that are most flattering to your skin tone). YOU can be the shining star you deserve to be by using color to enhance your natural beauty.
Save time and money and assure that your color decisions are indeed easy, quick and foolproof. Easily learn how to coordinate your wardrobe purchases instead of going crazy trying to match a swatch.

A great easy way to determine your best color group is with our Personal Color Analysis Kit.

It is so easy to use your Gemtone Cards! Watch Our Quick Video!

ColorTools products and kits are truly unique and coveted by image consultants world-wide. Use them to select wardrobe items, cosmetics and even home decor.
Select your product today so you know how to make your color transformation easy.
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Professional Color Analysis Kit
Personal Color Analysis CD Kit
Color Analysis Face Frame Set
Personal Color Analysis Kit
Easy Decorating with Color Kit
Personal Color Analysis ONLINE
Gemtone Color Card Set
Your Eye For Color Book
Gemtone Card