Is White the Perfect Color?

Posted by Charli on 3/14/2012 to Un-Categorized Posts

All colors symbolize different things.  Red is a symbol for passion while blue is a symbol for tranquility.  White is a color that has a lot of symbolism.  White is said to be the perfect color.  Since it is made up of all colors, it is perfect in both balance and harmony. 


One thing that white symbolizes is cleanliness. Think about going to a doctor’s office.   Doctors traditionally wear a white coat.  This is the doctor’s way of symbolically telling patients that his office and his methods of practicing medicine are clean and pure.   White also symbolizes purity and truth.  Traditionally brides wear white gowns on their wedding day.  This was meant to show her husband and those who are attending the wedding that she is a virgin and is pure of heart.


White also symbolizes safety, happiness and new beginnings.  When people envision their dream home, many times it is a house surrounded by a white picket fence.  This fence represents the family’s beginning and the sense of safety and happiness they feel while living in their home. 


White is a color that symbolizes many things from innocence to cleanliness.  It is been used traditionally to represent different things.  White is a wonderful color.  Enjoy it!

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