Choosing the Color of Your Floral Bouquet

Posted by Charli Mace on 3/20/2012 to Color in the Spotlight
People love to get flowers. They are the perfect gift that can suit almost any occasion and can be personalized to give it that extra special touch. If you are thinking about getting someone a bouquet for a special occasion, here is a color guide.
Since red represents love, passion and beauty, people tend to give out red flowers during romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Traditionally red roses are given during these special times.
Pink represent innocent love. Pink flowers are pretty and delicate. They make the perfect gift for girl’s birthdays. Any girl will be delighted with a pink bouquet of mums, English roses or Asiatic lilies.
Purple has traditionally been a regal color that represents pride and success. This color is great for a bouquet when congratulations are in order. Lavender represents grace and femininity. Lavender bouquets are best given as thank you bouquets.
Yellow is the color of sunshine, joy and happiness. Yellow bouquets of daffodils or sunflowers are great as get well bouquets.
Blue is supposed to bring a calming effect. Bouquets of blue hydrangeas, irises or hyacinths are great as sympathy or “I’m sorry” bouquets.
Have fun picking out flowers for your loved ones!

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